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We Work with Total Support and Dedication

Services Provided

Service include:

  • Workshops and  Facilitation

  • Workplace and Traumatizing Systems Analysis

  • Individual Consultations and on-going support

Workshops and

Embeing® offers a wide-range of live and online seminars in the field of self-awareness and embodiment. Workshops center on trauma-informed practices that honor both the psyche and physical body, and empower individuals and organizations to enact norms that best support human well-being. Topics include: 

  • Compassionate communication, speaking to be felt

  • Vicarious, secondary trauma and compassion fatigue

  • Embodied oppression and narrative empowerment

  • ABC’s of self-care and post-traumatic growth

  • Holding space in the classroom, embodiment and embodied cognition

  • Trauma-informed mindfulness

  • Understanding small self to be effective in the work

  • Policy from a perspective of trauma

  • Understanding schemata, story-projection and harm manifestation

  • Trauma-sensitive, "Walls of Personhood" Restorative Circles

  • Understanding inter-generational trauma and epigenetics

  • Political action to alleviate individual and collective trauma

Embeing® founder Melanie Lynn Brown's specializes in facilitating restorative (transformative) justice circles through Embeings prioritizing of the "walls of personhood." Without deeply understanding trauma, transforming the viral harms of trauma through restorative circles is far more difficult.


The approach and the mission of Embeing® is wholly empowerment-oriented.   Awareness affords authentic choice. Embeing® founder Melanie Lynn Brown's specialty is in tailoring workshops to the needs of the specific population or organization. Brown's Embodying Compassion in Professional Practice model is well-suited for those who serve as police officers, social workers, teachers, politicians and other professionals in organizations seeking to grow relational and client-centric priorities.   

Image by Gabriel Crismariu

Trauma-Informed Systems Analysis

Embeing® Trauma-Informed Systems Analysis recognizes: 

  • There are often unwitting practices that limit human potential.

  • We have inherited a dominant worldview that has privileged fear-based, “power-over’ practices and norms.  

  • Employee wellness and satisfaction is key to the success of a company in a new world order typified by creativity, vision and collaboration.

  • Workplaces need to unearth and re-imagine practices, policies and permissions in order to improve outcomes. 

Contact Embeing® founder Melanie Lynn Brown for more information about conducting a study of your workplace or organization.

The Embeing® analytic model will offer recommendations regarding your organizational function and culture from a human-centric, trauma-aligned perspective in the form of a comprehensive analytic report, outlining the actions necessary to optimize employee and work culture wellness. 

Personal Consultation

Embeing® works with clients one-to-one in an empowered approach, fusing mindful and embodied practices with psycho-social education. Embeing's specialty is not only offering somatic tools for supporting nervous system regulation and wellness-but we also believe exploring neurophysiologic understandings and unpacking harmful social narratives is key to personal freedom and agency. Trauma causes distress "bottom-up" and "top-down."

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