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Embeing® specializes in tailoring workshops to the needs of specific populations and organizations. 

Services Provided

Services include:

  • Workshops and Facilitation

  • Workplace well-being, policies and practices assessment

  • Individual Consultations and on-going support

Workshops and

Embeing® offers a wide-range of live and online seminars in the field of self-awareness and embodiment. Workshops center on trauma-responsive practices that honor both the psyche and physical body, and empower individuals and organizations to enact norms that best support human well-being. Melanie specializes in tailoring offerings to specific populations and organizations. Sample topics include: 

  • Understanding as a portal to empowerment: What is trauma?
  • Understanding yourself to be the parent your child deserves
  • Trauma education as violence prevention, individual and society
  • Trauma Manifestations in a heirarchical society

  • The needs of the physical body in psychological wellness

  • Compassion fatigue, antidotes to vicarious trauma

  • Holding space in the classroom, embodying compassion and the role of embodied cognition

  • Trauma-responsive mindfulness

  • Trauma-conscious yoga for instructors: exploring the science

  • Understanding small self needs to be effective in the work

  • Trauma-responsive policy 

  • The neuroscience of bias and retraumatization in the workplace 

  • Guiding restorative circles through a trauma-responsive approach

  • Understanding intergenerational trauma and epigenetics, the unseen

  • Political action to alleviate individual and collective trauma

  • Connection and community as medicine: the new science of health


The approach and the mission of Embeing® is based on understanding as a portal to empowerment.  Awareness affords authentic choice in both our personal and professional worlds. Embeing® founder Melanie Lynn Brown's specialty is in tailoring workshops to the needs of the specific populations or organizations. Embeing® workshops are for who wants understand themselves and others more deeply. Brown's compassionate curiosity approach is well-suited for everyone. Embeing® workshops are for parents who want to understand themselves in order to witness unconscious patterns in their parenting. Other workshops are designed for professionals such as police officers, social workers, teachers, lawyers, politicians and  seeking to grow resilience for themselves and strengthen their capacity to serve.   

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How can you offer a workplace culture to strengthen employee mental health? 

Embeing's® Trauma-Responsive Systems Analysis recognizes: 

  • Anxiety, depression and mental health concerns are impacting the world of work.

  • There are often unwitting practices that limit human potential, productivity, health and satisfaction.

  • Community, connection and belonging are primary factors in mental wellness. 

Embeing® founder Melanie Lynn Brown holds an undergraduate degree in Government from Smith. While earning her MA Ed. in Mindful Education and Trauma Studies she spent 4 years studying how systems serve and dis-serve youth, which culminated in a project on Embodying Compassion in Professional Practice. Toxic societal happenings impact employee wellness. How can you best create connection and community in your workplace to strengthen employee physical and mental health? The Embeing® narrative model will offer recommendations regarding your organizational function and culture from a human-centric, trauma-responsive perspective in the form of a comprehensive report, outlining the actions necessary to optimize employee and work culture wellness. 

Personal Consultation

Melanie holds an MA Ed. in Mindful Education and Trauma Studies and works with clients one-to-one through an empowered approach.  


Clients leave with digestable understandings of the social, biological and psychic patterns of trauma that they can then integrate into their daily lives. Trauma causes distress "bottom-up" and "top-down". Clients leave with the somatic tools for supporting nervous system regulation that enable them to address anxiety without medication and deep knowledge of how emotions create physical disease. Melanie has a 30 year history of advocating for whole-body wellness, with specific attention to how nutrition and movement activities effect mental health. A certified yoga teacher, her client roster prioritizes those who want to address how past psychological trauma is impacting barriers to physical wellness in the present. 


This is not traditional talk therapy, but can be used in addition as a short term support while working with a traditionally trained clinician. Less than 20 percent of college programs for clinicians/therapists even offer a single elective in trauma. Melanie has also helped many people explore how to find the right long-term traditionally trained clinician to further attend to their unique needs. 

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