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Understanding is The First Step


EMBEING® was formed to normalize understandings of the bio-psycho-social realities of trauma that manifest in our collective psyche, institutions and personal lives. When we witness the patterns in ourselves and others we are empowered to pursue an embodied freedom that affords increased agency in our lives, families, community and the larger world. 

Service include:

  • Workshops and Facilitation

  • Workplace well-being, protective policies and practices assessment 

  • Individual Consultations

Support Group
Diverse Group Cheering

"Hurt People hurt people... Acknowledging our interdependencies allows us to witness how trauma passes through the human collective more powerfully than any other virus."


MA Ed. Mindful Education and Trauma Studies

Our Founder

Embeing’s Melanie Lynn Brown holds an MA Ed. in Mindful Education and Trauma Studies from Lesley University and a B.A. in Government from Smith. She has spent 23 years working in Education, Violence Prevention, with trauma survivors and in political advocacy. She formed Embeing®, a consultancy, to teach and promote trauma education, trauma-responsive policies and compassionate systems analysis.

The Role of a Trauma Educator

“Wait, what do you do?” This is the question I am asked most often. I am a Trauma Educator. Period, end of sentence - I am not a therapist. Clinicians are fantastic, among my favorite humans… but we need a new lane. I intentionally choose to carve a new path. To understand trauma is to never see people or our social systems the same again. The patterns are unmistakable. It’s impossible to know ourselves or anyone else as we did before. We locate pathologies within individuals in our society. There is something wrong with him, her or them. If the person is lucky, they see a therapist to address what’s wrong with them. Few scans out to witness the larger connections and the near inevitability of the struggle. Trauma is a highly complex topic that integrates understandings in biology, psychology, sociology - among other fields. Importantly, toxic stress and trauma depletes the immune system; and understanding trauma and epigenetics is essential to evolution and wellness - but also to the bottom line… the healthcare savings are incalculable. The growth of the area of knowledge need be elevated as a core necessity as we progress toward a more authentic and humane version of who we are meant to BE.

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